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one foot in front of the other foot in front of the one foot in front of the other foot in front of the one

My heart is a weapon of war,
My voice is my weapon of choice.
I'm giving you a head start.
You're gonna need it,
'Cause I fight like a girl.

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Start at the beginning
Finish at the end
Everything you'll tell them is true
Nothing is pretend.

The rebirth of Metathriving, not quite like a pheonix rising from ashes anew, but a metamorphosis into something else, something new, something different, something better...

...something me.

I am more than my cancer, but I am still an advocate. But my advocacy now, part of that path goes into new territory, showing a side of life beyond the metastasis. Pushing boundaries, pushing reality, pushing limits and imagination.

And some of it is returning back to my old ways, my old self, my old life long before the storms. "Run the way you did before the nightmare, run just like before the overkill," Chantal Kreviazuk sang in the song 'Eve'. It's time to run again.

And let everything burn behind me.